In the Costa Brava – Girona Pyrenees we live and breathe sports. Sports clubs are the foundation of a system that allows practically everyone, from a very young age, to gain access to amateur sports, in some cases moving on to competition.

Girona’s clubs have produced individual talents in many disciplines: athletics, tennis, swimming, water sports, trail running, triathlon, cycling. And there have also been great collective successes in football, basketball, handball, artistic roller skating, and roller hockey.

All this is no coincidence. Our professionals have been formed using new methods of training and recovery to improve and complement traditional methods; technology has been applied to sports to create a comprehensive preparation for athletes.

On the other hand, because of the exceptional training conditions offered by the area, we have always been visited by international athletes and teams who have shared their knowledge and new techniques with us – new elements to round out a solid foundation. Over the years we have also become a benchmark, and our hard work is ongoing.